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  • MWiWi 1.6 - Informationsmanagement
    Start-time of the first Session on 10/25/2019 [more]
  • Seminar RAIBCOR
    Date for topic assignment [more]
  • BWiWi 1.14 - Introduction to Business Computing
    post-exam review [more]
  • Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Attention! - Postponement of consultation hour! [more]
  • Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Elimination of consultation hour on 9th of May 2019! [more]
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to the chair of Business Computing and Operations Research.

On our web pages you will find out more about us, our areas of research and the courses we offer.

Dear professionals: Our research interests mainly encompass planning as well as regulation of manufacturing and transportation processes. For details about possible research projects, please visit this site for more Information.


Cancellation of all lectures on Monday, 30th of October 2017

BWiWi 2.8 - Decision Support Systems (lesson), BWiWi 2.8 - Datenorganisation (lesson, exercise), BWiWi 4.4 - Methods and Models of Operations Research (lesson) [more]

MWiWi 1.6 - Management of Software Development Projects

One-time modification of the start of the lecture! [more]

Seminar - Recent Advances in Business Computing and Operations Research (RAIBCOR)

Presentation and topic allocation [more]

BA & MA seminar announcement

Jr.-Prof. Dr. Rachuba WS 17/18 [more]

BWiWi 1.14 – Foundations of Decision Support Systems

Inspection date [more]

MWiWi 4.1 - Advanced OR-methods in Operations Management

Inspection date [more]