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  • BWiWi 1.14 – Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Inspection date[more]
  • BWiWi 2.8 - Operations Management and Information technology
    Post exam review![more]
  • Proseminar "Projectmanagement"
    First date of the event![more]
  • BWiWi 4.4 - Methods and Models of Operations Research (Principles of Operations Research)
    Inspection of the exam from March 5th 2018[more]
  • Consultation hour with Prof. Dr. Bock
    Failure dates![more]


to the chair of Business Computing and Operations Research.

On our web pages you will find out more about us, our areas of research und unsere courses we offer.

Dear professionals: Our research interests mainly encompass planning as well as regulation of manufacturing and transportation processes. For details about possible research projects, please visit Site Information.