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  • Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Attention: Cancellation of the tutorial on 20th November 2019 [more]
  • MWiWi 1.6 - Informationsmanagement
    Start-time of the first Session on 10/25/2019 [more]
  • Seminar RAIBCOR
    Date for topic assignment [more]
  • BWiWi 1.14 - Introduction to Business Computing
    post-exam review [more]
  • Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Attention! - Postponement of consultation hour! [more]
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Repetition Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems

General Information

For the lecture and the tutorial to "Foundations of Decision Support Systems" from the summer term 2018 a re-hollow Tutorium anticyclically takes place in the winter term . This is especially for those students who have already written this examination primarily without success, laid out as a supplementary supply. Merely the contents of the lecture and exercise are relevant to the examination from the summer term 2018. No guarantee for the correctness of the contents can therefore be taken either. Particularly no claim for any manner results from it to the assessment of the processing of the module final examination.

The tutors present proposals for solution in the events for tasks from old exams, former exercises or tasks designed specifically.

Here you find the lecture slides from summer term 2019!


general consultation
  • Wednesdays, 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm in M.12.03
  • On December 11th the consultation hour will be held from 11:00am until 12:00pm instead

There is no weekly general office hour outside the Lecture period!

However, if you need a meeting, you can ask Nadine Berger for an appointment by e-mail.


class lectures
  • From October the 16th of 2019 the class lectures will take place in HS 18 (O.06.22) weekly each Wednesday at the time of 12:00 noon (s. t.) until 2:00 pm.