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  • Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Attention: Cancellation of the tutorial on 20th November 2019 [more]
  • MWiWi 1.6 - Informationsmanagement
    Start-time of the first Session on 10/25/2019 [more]
  • Seminar RAIBCOR
    Date for topic assignment [more]
  • BWiWi 1.14 - Introduction to Business Computing
    post-exam review [more]
  • Student tutorial - Foundations of Decision Support Systems
    Attention! - Postponement of consultation hour! [more]
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Cancellation of all lectures on Monday, 30th of October 2017

BWiWi 2.8 - Decision Support Systems (lesson), BWiWi 2.8 - Datenorganisation (lesson, exercise), BWiWi 4.4 - Methods and Models of Operations Research (lesson) [more]

MWiWi 1.6 - Management of Software Development Projects

One-time modification of the start of the lecture! [more]

Seminar - Recent Advances in Business Computing and Operations Research (RAIBCOR)

Presentation and topic allocation [more]

BA & MA seminar announcement

Jr.-Prof. Dr. Rachuba WS 17/18 [more]

BWiWi 1.14 – Foundations of Decision Support Systems

Inspection date [more]

MWiWi 4.1 - Advanced OR-methods in Operations Management

Inspection date [more]